Energy trading and carbon markets for RBSPolicy and markets

Ensuring compliance with changing regulatory landscapes is challenging. RBS came up against such a challenge when the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) regulations were implemented.

RBS requested an assessment of the impact of the regulation, as well as a comprehensive assessment and due diligence report against their existing energy systems and trading practices to get clarity on their overarching investment strategy.


Turner Harris staff and associated team were commissioned by RBS to provide a comprehensive assessment and due diligence report against RBS’ existing energy systems and trading practices.

As part of our engagement, we were asked to provide a robust opportunity & risk scenario analysis for future investment in operational practices for trading, alongside our recommendations for the provision of compliance with Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) regulations.


As part of our work with RBS, our consultant was responsible for:

  • Project management of strategic, commercial and technical analysis related to the RBS tangible assets across the UK.
  • Managing the preparation of a comprehensive mapping of energy systems and trading of 1358 assets and categorisation, prioritisation and improvement of accurate reporting mechanisms for all energy system provisions, consumption, trading and compliance.
  • Detailed assurance and verification of asset energy profiles and energy data monitoring, recording, reporting and compliance.
  • Preparation of board reports, stakeholder/shareholder engagement and energy option project plans for approval and insertion into RBS long-term strategies on asset and energy management.
  • Project management of financial and commercial due diligence related to proposed approved projects.


Through our engagement, RBS achieved substantial savings whilst becoming fully compliant with external regulators and RBS corporate policies.

The strategies and solutions were handed over to RBS key staff through a carefully planned succession programme culminating in value-adding and cost saving practices within the bank as well as reducing costs and risks to the banks’s stakeholders and customers.

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