Dr. Geoffrey RothwellSenior associate - Economics and policy

areas of expertise
  • Global energy economics
  • Policy development
  • Nuclear fuel cycle markets
  • Regulatory models
  • Decommissioning
  • Liability fund financing and
    Economic case development
  • Antitrust litigation
  • Academic co-operation
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology
  • Ph.D., Department of Economics, UC, Berkeley
  • M.A., Jurisprudence and Social Policy, UC, Berkeley.
  • Visiting Doctoral Student, Engineering Economic Systems, Stanford.
  • M.A., Department of Economics, UC, Berkeley.
  • Post-Baccalaureate Fellow, Grand Valley State Colleges, Michigan.
  • B.A., The Evergreen State College, Washington.
  • BAC Lycée François Premier, Académie de Rouen, France.

A leading economist in the field of nuclear power, decommissioning and waste management, Geoffrey has worked tirelessly to raise informed global debate on the topics of long-term financing and contingency arrangements for operating plants, fuel transfer pricing, plutonium disposition and on the viability of the world’s long-term nuclear waste storage options.

Dr. Rothwell has held a vast range of public, private and NGO appointments – serving on senior committees for policy development at the IAEA, and advising the US government on long-term management of nuclear waste liabilities.

He has published over 200 papers on nuclear economics and is a regular author on OECD publications. He holds an MA and PhD from Berkeley, and is a Post-doctoral fellow of the California Institute of Technology. He is a fluent French speaker.

Selected Projects & Roles

  • Principal Economist – OECD – Paris
    Leading the economics function for the OECD Nuclear Development Division. Lead and Co-author on key annual publications and research programmes.
  • Senior Lecturer – Stanford University – Department of Economics and Public Policy
  • Economics Director – Gen IV International Forum – Economic Modelling working group
  • IAEA – Committee Member- Vienna
    Committee on the Influence of Electricity Market Liberalization on the Market for Nuclear Energy, and Committee on Methodology for Nuclear Power Plant Performance and Statistical Analysis

Selected Publications

  • “Sustainability of Light Water Reactor Fuel Cycles” with T. Wood, Don Daly, and Mark R. Weimar,
    Energy Policy, Special Issue on Nuclear Power Sustainability, (Dec 2014)
  • “A Comparative Institutional Analysis of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Lessons and Policy Implications,”
    with M. Aoki,
    Energy Policy, 53: 240-247 (Feb 2013).
  • “International Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Supply: Are Fabrication Services Assured?” Energy Economics 32:
    538-544 (2010).
  • “Market Power in Uranium Enrichment,” Science & Global Security 17(2-3): 132-154 (2009).
  • “Managing Advanced Technology System Deployment: An Optimal Allocation between R&D and Prototype
    Economics of Innovation and New Technology 16,6: 419-432 (2007).
  • “IAEA’s DEEP in Carlsbad: Co-Producing Energy and Water in Southern California,” International Journal
    of Nuclear Desalination
    2, 3: 265-279 (2007).
  • “Valuation and Optionality of Large Energy Industry Capital Investments,” with R. Graber, Cost Engineering
    48,8: 20-26 (2006).
  • “A Real Options Approach to Evaluating New Nuclear Power Plants,” Energy Journal 27,1: 37-53 (2006).
  • “Are Light Water Reactor Energy Systems Sustainable?” with B. van der Zwaan, Journal of Energy and
    29,1: 65-79 (Autumn 2003).
  • “The Risk of Early Retirement of U.S. Nuclear Power Plants under Electricity Deregulation and Carbon Dioxide
    The Energy Journal 21,3: 61-87 (July 2000).
  • “Transaction Costs, Regulation, and Subcontracting at Nuclear Power Plants” with J.B. Jensen, Journal of
    Economic Behavior and Organization
    36,3: 369-381 (1998).
  • “Organizational Structure and Expected Output for Nuclear Power Plants,” Review of Economics and Statistics
    78: 482-488 (Aug 1996).
  • “The Optimal Time to Decommissioning Commercial Nuclear Reactors,” The Energy Journal 12: 305-14 (1991)

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